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Get random facts for fun and entertainment. Connect with your listeners and audience.

Random Fun Facts

Get random facts for conversation, socializing, work, trivia – or just for fun. Select a category. Search by word. Speakers and writers use it to get random facts for fun and entertainment. We collected a few thousand fun facts from various sources to bring you some interesting trivia.

Random Fun Facts: Input

Random Fun Facts: Output

Webster’s Dictionary accidentally had a word that didn’t exist in it for five years – “Dord.”

In Category: Other

How to use the Random Fun Fact

  1. Select the Category you want for the fact. Or leave it as All to draw from all the categories.
  2. If you want, enter the letters of a word you want included in the fact. Up to 16 letters. Or leave it blank to not filter any words.
  3. Press the Search button.
  4. View the Random Fact in the output box.
  5. If it is not a good fact for you, simply press the Search button again. Or change the Category or the search letters.

What is the Random Fun Fact?

A Random Fun Fact draws a fact from a list of interesting facts that we collected.

The facts are randomly sampled from the filtered list according to your selections.

What are random facts used for?

Random facts have many applications for personal and business purposes where a random fact can add a new, entertaining or interesting element into the discussion.

  • Conversation and dialog: Use fun facts to start or shift a conversation, presentation or meeting. Say something interesting, engaging or unexpected for your audience. Be less boring. Capture and hold attention. Use fun facts to lead or guide your audience through your material or presentation.
  • Content: Add something interesting to your writing, social media, website or blog. Use facts or a series of facts to structure your material. Use common facts to highlight similarities. Use contrasting facts to highlight differences.
  • Brainstorming: Get random ideas for projects and activities. Relate the similarities or differences of the facts to your topic and argument. Use random facts to stimulate discussion, for example to draw participants into the discussion or draw out different opinions.
  • Personal enrichment: Increase your knowledge. Make a hobby of learning new facts. Impress people with your knowledge.
  • Education: Teachers can use fun facts to make learning more fun, interesting and memorable. Students can use fun facts to make a point or counter-point.

Why Use a Random Fun Fact?

Random fun facts have many applications for personal and business purposes where a new or surprising fact can spark conversation or writing.

  • Generate emotion: Use a fun fact to make someone happy, excited or interested. Everyone has certain hot buttons for response. Use different fun facts to gauge their response.
  • Start content or conversation: A fun fact can break the ice and immediately engage people. Help your audience relax and set a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Improve communications: Be a better communicator. Use fun facts to improve your communications skills. Use fun facts that relate to your audience, subject or premise. Help engage the audience and build two-way communications.
  • Be memorable: Fun facts make a more memorable connection with your listener or audience. Make the content of your message relevant and more memorable.
  • Educate others: Use fun facts to inform, engage and educate others. Fun facts can reinforce training and make students more qualified.
  • Impress others: Appear to be more knowledgeable, worldly and intelligent. Be known as a trivia person.
  • Entertainment and Trivia: Use fun facts to have more fun in groups. Use fun facts as a source of entertainment for others. Win at knowledge games. Keep your brain active and improve your memory.

Our Random Fun Fact is always here to provide you with random fun facts in a variety of categories. It draws facts from diverse sources.

Who uses random facts?

Many types of people use random facts in their personal and business lives.

  • Networkers and socializers: Start conversation; make small-talk. Make better conversation; support serious talk. Use interesting facts to invite controversy and challenge on purpose. Amuse your friends.
  • Marketers and digital marketers: Create more interesting campaigns and material. Many people are curious about new or unknown things. Generate interest in your products or events.
  • Writers and Content creators: Engage your audience, and keep them engaged. Create more interesting and intriguing material. Surprise them with some unexpected fact.
  • Public speakers: Start your presentations with a startling fact to get immediate audience attention. Use facts that agree or disagree with your premise to build your argument or case. Use fun facts to begin or end your main points.
  • Trainers and Educators: Use interesting facts to demonstrate or support your material. Keep the lessons interesting. Use facts to show why they should do or not do something.
  • Trivia and games people: People that are curious like to know more about a variety of subjects. Diverse facts can help you win at knowledge games. Have a reputation as a knowledgeable trivia person.