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Random Number Generator

Generate random numbers for games and selection

Random Number Generator

Generates pseudo-random numbers that are adequate for most uses such as a draw, cards, dice roll, games, gambling, sports, order, arrangement, lottery, sweepstake, raffle and giveaway.

Random Number Generator: Input

Random Number Generator: Output

1 10 9 9 2

How to use the Random Number Generator:

  1. Select how many numbers you want in the set. The Set Length.
  2. Select the range of number from the Low Number to the High Number.
  3. Select the parity of the numbers: Odd and Even numbers (all numbers), only Odd numbers, or only Even numbers.
  4. Select the separator for the output list of numbers: Space, Comma.
  5. Press the Generate button. View the Random Numbers generated in the output box.
  6. Copy the list of numbers to the Clipboard, if you want to paste them somewhere.

What is a random number generator?

A random number generator uses a random or pseudo-random process to produce a single number or sequence of numbers. The numbers are equally likely to occur and are independent of each other.

The output numbers can be unique (different) with no repeated numbers because the selected numbers are withdrawn from the selection pool. Or the output numbers are possibly the same and repeated because the selection pool always contains the same group of numbers.

The output random numbers might not appear to be random because the numbers can be the same or close simply by chance and order. For example, the probability of flipping four heads in a row is one in sixteen, which is not very rare.

What are random numbers used for?

Random number generators have many applications for personal and business purposes where random unpredictably is required. Get a valid random number.

  • Games: such as gambling, sports, contests, raffles, lotteries. Get the right numbers that match your contest. Pick a winner!
  • Mathematics: for selecting numbers for selection, processing or statistics. Select the series for your needs. Make your formula valid.
  • Science experiments: or studies for selecting subjects, treatments or sampling. Make your procedure valid, reliable and verifiable.
  • Market research: studies for selecting participants, groups, questions. A valid selection procedure leads to better inference.
  • Selection: of people or things to help make decisions or selection easier, faster or more fair. Be a better manager and leader.

Why use a random number generator?

Random number generators have many applications for personal and business purposes where a random and unpredictable number is required.

  • Unique: Manual number creation can lead to repeated numbers, reused numbers, or similar numbers. Get unique and useful numbers for your application.
  • Fast: Number generators create random numbers faster than manual methods do. Save time getting all the numbers you need.
  • Variety: Number generators can create more variety of random numbers than manual methods do. Select the pattern of numbers for your needs.

Our Random Number Generator is always here to quickly provide you with custom random numbers for your game and science needs.

Who uses random numbers?

Many types of people use random numbers in their personal and business lives.

  • Game players: for selecting sides, colors, partners, teams, positions. Be fair and play, not argue.
  • Game developers: for designing game-play stories, play options, players, vehicles, weapons, outcome probabilities, scenes. Make your game exciting for players.
  • Contest organizers: Raffles and games. For selecting players or winners. Make your contest valid and fair for all.
  • Scientists: for designing experiments, such selecting groups, members, features, or procedures. Build your reputation and standing among peers.
  • Marketers: for designing campaigns, studies, surveys, or contests. Valid marketing procedures lead to better sales.